This week, I've been excited to see images of the Rogue Declan physical editions from Poly.Play arriving in the hands of Amiga fans around the world!

Rogue Declan BoxesRogue Declan Boxes

The physical editions are v1.3.0 of the game and have a few minor fixes and improvements over the current releases. Nothing big though. Both floppy and CD boxes come with an new loading screen and an SD card containing exclusive extras that won’t be released anywhere else. This also applies to the new CDDA soundtrack on the CD edition.

The updated game will be released to soon, but won’t include the loading screen or other extras.

Please note that the CDDA soundtrack is ONLY for the CD32. CDTV and Amiga-with-a-CD-ROM systems can run the game, but are not compatible with the CDDA player software unfortunately and will only have the regular soundtrack.

The packages look great. It may not come across in the photo, but the title logo on the front and floppy disk has been printed with a shiny effect and it looks amazing. Poly.Play has done a great job on these and I can't wait for my own to arrive.

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